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I have an unnatural addiction to gadgets. I have a built-in talent for figuring out how things work, regardless of what kind of device it is. I have always had to have the latest technology and all the accessories that go with it. While my friends were out clothes and shoe shopping, I was out buying MP3 players and camera lenses.

I started working at Wireless Zone back in 2000 using some of those graphic design skills my parents sent me to college for. About ten years in, my very forward-thinking boss (hopefully he'll read this) shifted my focus to sharing my knowledge of technology through phone reviews and a blog and later YouTube. He requisitioned my inner geek. I changed the geek thing, it was getting a bit dated, to GADGETISTA. It totally fits me.

Gadgetista: One who pushes the envelope on wireless devices and accessories to realize their full capabilities and help you; the end user, scratch the surface of what they can do to help make your life easier and more productive. So that is EXACTLY what I do and I never tire of helping people have that "Aha! moment" when they understand how to use a feature they didn't know they had.

To ask a question or learn more, please visit Wireless Zone blog.

Radio fans can listen to my weekly segment as heard on the Damon Scott Show.

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